Frequently Asked Questions

What are your core values?
Safety – through a licensed captain, experienced crew, all safety equipment in good condition.
Fun – our focus is to make your trip with us the highlight of your vacation.
Preservation of wildlife

Why should I take a tour with On Isla Mujeres?
Our boat is a comfortable 33 feet and has plenty of cushioned seating that can be configured based on the activities in your tour. There is plenty of sun and plenty of shade on the boat and we have a bathroom onboard. We have top navigational and safety equipment. We provide all needed gear for the activities that you will have on your tour. We go the extra mile to find opportunities to add extra excitement to your adventure.

What tours do you offer?
Island Tours by Water
Caribbean Reef Snorkeling
Relaxing swim anchored at North Beach
Sunset Tours

How much are our tours?
The pricing for tours differ by type. Please review our tours on our pricing page

Do you offer group tours?
At this time, we are only offering private tours, except for the whale shark tours (seasonal). We encourage you to find someone prior to (using forums) or on your trip who you would be comfortable sharing the cost and trip with.

When can I swim with the Whale Sharks?
Swimming with the Whale Sharks is seasonal from May 15 to September 17th.

How long does it take to get to the whale sharks?
The time it  takes to get to the whale sharks depends on their location, which can change greatly from day to day.  It can take between 45 minutes up to around an hour and a half to locate and arrive at the location of the whale sharks.

Do I need to wear a life vest or wet suit?
You are required by regulation to wear a life jacket during all snorkeling activities.  We issue life vests as part of the  trip.  As an alternative, you can opt to rent a wet suit for $10 USD or 120 pesos.

Can I book my tour online?
You can book a fishing trip or a whale shark trip online. For custom tours, please contact us through our contact page to allow us to work with you to set up the activities you want.

How many people can you take on your boat?
While our boat can accommodate 20 people, we prefer to limit the total capacity to 10 people to add more comfort. For fishing trips, we limit the number of people to 5 people to give everyone on the boat a better chance of catching a fish. If you have a fishing party that is larger than 5 people, contact us directly so we can make arrangements.

What if you are booked on the dates that we need?
We will refer you to a reputable tour company that we believe will offer you a spectacular trip. Because it is important to us that you receive good service from our referrals, we hand select the companies we refer to, based on feedback we hear about the company.

What items should I bring with me on my trip?
You should always bring sunscreen and/or something to cover up with to avoid sunburn.  It is also wise to take something to prevent motion sickness.  If your tour involves getting in the water, you would want to wear swimwear and bring a towel.  We provide waters and sodas on all trips.  If you want something other than that, you can bring it along – we have room in the cooler.

What is your cancellation policy?
Due to the seasonal nature and limited availability of our tours we can not provide refunds for tours cancelled within 2 weeks of the tour date. We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover youself in the event that you must cancel your trip.
Cancellations received before the 2 week period will be issued a refund for any deposit paid minus a $10 USD per person handling fee.
However, if your tour is cancelled due to weather and we are unable to accommodate you before the end of your trip we will issue you a refund.

Can I bring my children on a tour?
Our tours are designed to be family activities. Please inform us if your party includes infants, the level of their swimming ability, etc. so that we are sure we are prepared for them. If you select not to bring your children along, we can assist you with arranging reliable and reputable child care during your trip.